Creative brainbox

Sarah Empson

Sarah came up with the idea of making 3D printed geometric jewellery in early 2016. Sarah comes up with jewellery  ideas, makes and wraps all the jewellery and makes sure everything looks pretty!

Computer nerd

Monty Empson

Monty monkeys around with the 3D CAD software, looks after the website and office, and posts lots of parcels full of little pieces of Geo Heaven.

Our Story

We love geometric shapes!


We believe that people are naturally drawn to geometric forms because they occur so frequently in nature.


Fashion trends may come and go but the universality of beautiful geometric structures means that your Geo Heaven jewellery is sure to have enduring appeal.

All of our geometric jewellery is 3D printed in the EU and lovingly hand-finished in Yorkshire.

3D printed Nylon

Our white and coloured pieces are 3D printed using the selective laser sintering (SLS) process. This high-resolution technology allows us to create beautiful, detailed structures.

The coloured designs are hand-dyed, and all of our pieces are lacquered to give them a protective coating.


Our geometric designs combined with the incredible durability of our material of choice, Nylon, results in beautifully intricate yet incredibly strong jewellery.