Golden Illusionist

Golden Illusionist


Same beautiful design, more shiny! The Illusionist is one of our most popular designs, and is now available in gold plated 3D printed stainless steel. This highly symmetrical pendant appears to change shape when viewed from different angles.


To build stainless steel parts, a 3D printer deposits small drops of glue onto stainless steel powder, building up the part one layer at a time. The fragile parts, which at this stage have a composition similar to wet sand, then go through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze resulting in a solid metal piece of jewellery. The final composition is approximately 60% steel and 40% bronze. The piece is then electroplated with a 0.1 micron layer of 9ct gold followed by a thin clear protective coating.


Like all Geo Heaven Luxury Range necklaces, this stunning piece is mounted on a 30" (76cm) 9ct gold plated brass chain. The chain is made in Vincenza, Italy and is coated in a protective organic lacquer that helps it to resist wear and tarnishing. 


Our luxury necklaces are weightier than their Nylon equivalents, making them feel even more luxurious! The Golden Illusionist comes in a luxuriously padded black jewellery box with gold detailing, complete with an information card that describes the 3D printing process - in gold lettering, of course!


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